The Fourth of July is traditionally a day filled with family, food, and fireworks.  This post is designed add a little intellectual fun to your celebration by offering some patriotic conversation starters.  As you enjoy fireworks and picnics, give your brain a little exercise by pondering these these possible twists in the history of America leading up to the Revolution.  Below each question is an interesting link to help kick off the discussion.

American-flag-revolutionary-warWhat if Squanto had never been captured and taken to Europe?

What if the Dutch had maintained control of New York in the 1600s?

What if the French Revolution occurred before the American Revolution?

What if George Washington had given in to popular sentiment and agreed to become king?

What if the issue of slavery highjacked the Continental Congress of 1776

If you have your own “what if” questions, please leave them in the comments below to keep the fun going.

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