Once upon a time, there were two little girls named Rebecca and Katy. Those little girls were sisters, but, more importantly, they were friends. One day these sisters were playing Civil War in the front yard of their farm house. Rebecca, being the oldest, announced that the cannons would be deployed along the broken down wall by the front porch. Katy agreed with the plan but declared that her cannons would be pink.

New Market Battlefield

Rebecca and Katy at New Market Battlefield in 1992.

Although, neither girl knew it at the time, History is for Girls was born that day.

Twenty-five years later, Rebecca and Katy (who now goes by Kathryn) are all grown up. Rebecca is a prosecutor in Virginia. Katy works in the healthcare industry in Connecticut. They are still sisters, and they are still friends.

And, they still love history.

The aim of History is for Girls is to entertain and possibly educate a little along the way. The writers and contributors at History is for Girls are fans of history, not historians. The information presented is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but we do not claim perfection. We leave infallibility to God and the First Duke of Wellington.

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