Rebecca wood choppingRebecca Pitre is one of the most adventurous and intellectually curious women you could ever hope to meet.  Rebecca was born into a Standardbred racing family.  This led Rebecca’s family move a lot during her childhood.  She attended four different high schools, including two in her senior year.  Rebecca currently splits her time between the eastern shore of Maryland and the mountains of Vermont.  If you ask Rebecca about her profession, she will tell you that she is a professional homemaker.  Rebecca raised three children and has been married to the same man for thirty-two years.  But, it would be downright silly to say that Rebecca does not work outside the home.  Rebecca is a PATH certified therapeutic riding instructor and an active volunteer at her church.  Rebecca is currently working hard at the Belvidere Syrup Company, a family venture in Vermont.  Rebecca also wrote and performed Take a Ride, a cd for children and horse enthusiasts of all ages.

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